Why Was My Request Denied?

If your request was denied, this could be for several reasons. First, it could be that you did not meet the basic criteria associated with obtaining a short term loan. You will also be denied for a loan if you are currently in bankruptcy, if you are in default with another short term loan lender, or perhaps even if you already have an outstanding loan with another lender that is still in good standing. If you feel that you have been discriminated against in any way, please contact the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Can I Request a Loan From the Same Lender Again?

If you had a great experience with a particular lender and you would like to use that lender again, you can certainly do so. In fact, this is even encouraged as it will help you build a business relationship with that lender which could lead to larger loans, lower interest rates and access to other credit-related products offered by that lender. Simply review the loan agreement or any communication you received from that lender to obtain their contact information and request a loan directly.

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